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How to Rebuild Your Digital Marketing Strategy Post COVID-19?

Never before in our lives have we seen such a situation happening together on a global scale, with a catastrophic combination of a financial crisis and a humanitarian crisis. COVID-19 pandemic affected every industry and shook every company's marketing budget on a massive scale.

However, as all the countries are gradually coming out of lockdown, businesses have to prepare for a very different future than they planned at the start of the year.

Regardless of the situation, we are pretty sure about one thing - the post COVID-19 phase will be a boon for digital marketing professionals! With a scenario where physical interactions will be minimal for quite a long time, digital marketing options will now be more appropriate than ever before.

Let's look at the improvements you need to make to your digital marketing strategy in order to flourish after the pandemic.

What changes do you need to make in the digital marketing strategy post COVID-19?

1. Change the way you create content

The blogs and posts that people read today are evolving enormously. Health, wellness, remote life, stress, social distance behaviors – all these topics are being read by every person actively. The end consumers of almost every industry are indulging more in digital content. There is an unbelievably huge increase in the use of social media. And this behavior is not going to change anytime soon in the near future.

Thus, as a brand, you need to change how you produce content for your website and social media channels. You need to produce more content than what you were producing before. Thus, your digital marketing strategy post COVID-19 should consist of more engaging and informative articles, and more content for social media platforms. Make sure to give a positive message in whatever content you put in front of people.

2. Focus more on local SEO

When we say local SEO, we mean that you need to focus more on the city you are operating in. Because, more than anyone else, local businesses have been hit by the pandemic. The search results on Google Maps are going down and businesses are losing their rankings for their keyword + ‘near me’.

Start uploading videos of your products and show people how you are practicing social distancing rules at your workplace. Post COVID-19, be sure to include local SEO in your digital marketing strategy and run targeted online promotions in order to gain more visibility.

3. Focus on gaining customer loyalty

Since quite a long period of time, businesses have been considering their customers as prey instead of partners. The vocabulary used by businesses during digital marketing campaigns shows the reality: Tripwire, leads, or target audience. Unlike the old days, you can simply trick a potential customer into a sale.

Instead, focus on acquiring the trust of existing customers as well as new prospects. It is more necessary than ever to build a framework on which consumer loyalty can be established. Pay attention to the queries of your customers. Provide them value beyond the sales of products and services.

4. Establish connections

People obviously don't have money because of the pandemic crisis, so they don't make any purchases other than essential items. It is the correct time for companies selling non-essential products to develop relationships instead of focusing on hard selling. Post COVID-19, the connections that you establish now will play an important role as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Make the most of social media to build those relationships and let your potential future consumers know that you exist and care about their well-being. Be kind. Show concern. Be empathetic. Offer to help your existing customers in one or the other way to build deep and valued connections.

5. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

We don’t even need to stress upon how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website! Currently, the number of people who have replaced desktops with mobile phones has increased drastically. Thus, to win the game of building an online presence, make your website mobile-friendly. Lower down the page loading time and make the navigation easier. Optimize all the pages and keep the contact buttons visible on every single page.

6. Make artificial intelligence your new friend

Post COVID-19, the adaption of AI will prove to be very helpful in improvising your digital marketing strategy. Personalizing interaction on the basis of potential desires and actions of customers would be much more efficient and cost-effective. It will no longer prove to be beneficial to approach the masses by using a common message.

Marketing automation can transform more leads using personalized content, automated promotions, and monitored outcomes. Given the large number of buyers relying on digital marketing, making use of great customer service is a strategy for satisfying the needs of consumers. A lot of people prefer chatbots as they are super responsive 24/7 and can respond to questions accurately and quickly.

7. Realize the need for safety

The primary concern of health & wellness, the anxiety of unemployment, and the instability of schedule caused by COVID-19 have inspired the idea of saving for a rainy day in the minds of consumers and will be reflected in their actions. Brands that tick all boxes in such times by doing social activities or allowing for a better tomorrow will undoubtedly see an uptick in demand and produce successful results in the post-COVID era. If there's ever been a time when the "greater good of humanity" takes priority over the BOGO offer, that's it.

8. Resilience will prove to be fruitful

The post-pandemic period will measure the real flexibility of brands and their capability to scale. Those who tie up communication around fundamental messaging and quickly align strategies, will pierce through and experience monumental development.

9. Revisit your pre-COVID campaigns

Were you trying to portray your brand in the most creative and fanciest way possible pre-COVID? Not now. Today, most of the world’s concern is the basic needs of food, shelter, warmth, and security. It will definitely take some time before the way we lived earlier comes into practice. Until then, it will be the new normal that brands have to adjust to.

10. Find out your key paid advertising channels

If your advertisement platforms included Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at the start of the year, they will most likely remain a part of your key digital media mix. However, other networks may have evolved after COVID-19, which you might also want to investigate and check. TikTok, for example, has become the player for advertising (if it’s not banned in your country yet!)

11. Learn about your current as well as new competitors online

Due to this pandemic, your competitor landscape might have changed. Some of your competitors might have left the industry, some might have decreased marketing activities, some might have launched brand new products or services, and some companies might have emerged as new competitors. That’s why, conducting a new competitor analysis should be an important part of your post COVID-19 digital marketing strategy.

Some digital marketing transformation strategies post COVID-19

1. Focus on creating digital literacy

As a brand, you need to identify how you can generate awareness about your products and services using the digital platform. You need to create educational content to inform your potential customers about the commodities that you have to offer. For example, if you have a fitness app, you need to educate your prospects about terms like heart rate, SDNN, etc.

2. Show your CSR face

Corporate social responsibility is something that will help you in gaining the respect of your customers. As said earlier, you need to offer help to your current as well as potential future customers in any way you can. It will build deep-rooted connections and build your brand. Post COVID-19, it can benefit your brand a lot, even though when it is not a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

3. Target young audiences

As we all know, a majority of the internet users are youngsters. Thus, you need to tailor your content in order to attract the younger generation. They are the ones that can understand your brand using the digital platform and can inform older people about the services that you provide.

4. Think of ways to create active consumption of media

Find out what your audience is interested in, and then create engaging content based on it. Is it emotional content? Is it gaming content? Or memes? Actively search for the kind of content they engage with, and then hook them to your profile by creating the same kind of posts.

5. Provide better access to your products and services

In your digital marketing strategy’s transformation process post COVID-19, you need to take care about how easily your products are accessible to your customers. Whether you make a website, a Facebook page, a support group on WhatsApp, or install a payment gateway; your focus should be on giving better accessibility. Everything should be developed in a way that makes the interaction with your business easy for customers.

6. Undertake a salt shaker test

The salt shaker check is to meet the most basic needs of your consumers relevant to your product or service, before adding tops or decoration or other advantages or value to your products. So, before you start modifying your digital marketing strategy post COVID-19, do this test for your business. Pay attention to the minute details that are not noticeable or felt upfront but may be troublesome for your customers in the long run. Simple, small, yet powerful enough.

Develop a 7 point blueprint for your business survival strategies except digital marketing post COVID-19

  • Look at your touchpoints, both internal and external. (How you communicate with your clients, team members, vendors, etc)

  • Overlook your communication process.

  • Monitor your accounting process.

  • Look at your operational, administration, and human resource practices.

  • Look at the process of your marketing and sales process.

  • Audit your delivery process.

  • Look at the ways to maximize productivity.

Look at these 7 points and see the existing processes and then think about how and what percent of these activities you can automate or take online. When you do this exercise on pen and paper, it gives you a good picture of what you should do. 60 - 75% of businesses are actually eligible to take their processes online completely.

What you can do in lockdown for your business?

  • Give more emphasis on long-term branding rather than on achieving short-term sales.

  • Be compassionate with the community and sync your marketing messages & tone with that line.

  • Develop new skills related to digital marketing or web analytics, and apply relevant areas to your business.

  • Try to get your business on the internet by implementing & experimenting with the strategies and tools.

  • Try creative ways of reaching critical mass (mass inclusion) and set pricing accordingly, and broaden your business in new areas.

  • Build an omnichannel presence.

  • Educate, excite, engage, put in 100% of your energy, and be empathetic.

Simple steps to market your business during COVID-19

  • Go digital. If you don’t have a website yet, it’s the time to build one.

  • On your website, focus more on providing educational content.

  • Conduct giveaways and offer freebies to attract a new audience.

  • Create content that offers value and provides information.

  • Develop new ways of doing SEO.

  • Work on your Google my business profile for promoting your business locally.

  • Concentrate on social media marketing with relevant posts and a more empathetic tone.

  • Take part in Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, or LinkedIn groups, and engage in meaningful conversations.

  • Try out influencer marketing to make your brand reach to a wide audience at the same time.

  • Focus on providing a great customer experience and try out new marketing channels for promotion.

The bottom line

While this pandemic has hit everyone hard, it is important not to lose your balance and staying firm. As a brand, it might be a bit difficult to make sales or attract new customers at the moment, but if the correct digital marketing strategy is applied, you can thrive post COVID-19.

As Stephen Hawkins said, “Intelligence is the adaptability to change.”

You need to modify and revisit your digital marketing strategies in order to deliver a sense of security and build trust post COVID-19. Follow the tips shared above, stay true to yourself, and victory shall be definitely yours! In case you need any assistance with your digital marketing issues, feel free to contact us at 12am Digitals!

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